Sewage system draining

Sewage system draining in Brescia

Aspireco offers a sewage system draining service for individuals, industries and infrastructures such as highways.

Our fleet features vehicles and equipment for every bleeding need: roads, condominiums, homes, factories, highways and railways. We deal with washing and disinfection of the pipes and the ground, draining the flooded compartments and unblocking columns. Subsequently, all the sewage and residues collected are disposed of in our waste treatment plant, where we can recover, purify and recycle a part of it.

We participate in public tenders: we manage the cleaning of sewage systems, the cleaning of wastewater treatment plants, and the purging of cesspools and purification plants on behalf of multiservice companies in over 30 municipalities in Brescia. Through a preliminary investigation, we determine the clog status and then proceed with cleaning using a pressure washer and purging the sewers and collectors, following the current legislation on the environment and safety.

Quick and safe interventions even in the historic centre

Drainage service for companies and industries

 Aspireco deals with sewage and water systems drainage and cleaning, with scheduled emergency and maintenance interventions. Operating in a preventive and maintenance regime can prevent flooding in the case of emergencies due to natural disasters or unforeseen factors. Our team provides a periodic and programmable drainage service in Brescia and its surroundings for condominiums and buildings to prevent damage to the pipes and ducts of cesspools and septic tanks.