Road maintenance and cleaning

Road maintenance and cleaning in Brescia

Aspireco has always been working with the authorities in charge of road management in Northern Italy and with Autostrade per l’Italia. The road and highway maintenance activity is constantly growing, and Aspireco deals with cleaning and restoring underpasses and ditches along roads and highways, cleaning walls, slopes, streets and subways. Most of the interventions are ordinary road maintenance, but our business also aims at extraordinary interventions concerning post-accident road cleaning. Aspireco operates in Northern Italy, and its main office is in Brescia.

Highway cleaning and motorway renovation require specific means and compliance with particular rules of the traffic code: we work in road traffic, which requires total attention and compliance with road and highway rules. We have our vehicles and machinery and specific shipbuilding.

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Road maintenance interventions

  • Rehabilitation of pavement and road surface
  • Cleaning of road tunnels, subways, traffic islands, lay-bys and hard shoulders
  • Remediation and cleaning after road accidents and dispersion of harmful or flammable fuels and liquids
  • Purging of sewer networks and maintenance of road drainage channels
  • Cleaning walls from waste that can fall on the road surface
  • Cleaning of pipes, collection channels and water channels