Industrial waste recovery

Industrial waste recovery and recycling

Both solid and liquid waste can be reintroduced into the production cycle to be reused: the result is a significant waste reduction.

Aspireco treats liquid waste and some recyclable solid waste, allowing the recovery of industrial by-products, such as saline solutions, exhausted acids or recycled sands.
These products can be recycled in some cases, reducing costs and waste.

The recovery and transformation of special industrial waste is a choice that embraces the concept of circular economy, while respecting the environment. It is essential to have specific certificates to ensure proper and safe disposal and recycling of industrial waste.

Commitment to sustainable recycling

Not only waste to be eliminated but also that to be recycled flows into the Aspireco disposal plant, ensuring the recovery of acids and saline solutions to be reintroduced into the production cycles as secondary raw materials (EOW).
Even the waste obtained from cleaning sewers and streets is a crucial recycling source: separating the organic phase and washing the residues make it possible to recover sand and gravel.

The plant includes a section dedicated to the separation and washing of the sands, which are redeveloped. Finally, all solid industrial waste we cannot handle in our plant is processed by our collaborators and partners.

Enhance and transform industrial waste!