Hazardous waste disposal

Civil and industrial hazardous waste disposal

Aspireco offers the customer a complete service with a single operator: we take care of the collection, transport and the disposal of hazardous waste.
This service can take place through our vast plant for the special waste treatment (Article 184, paragraph 3 of Legislative Decree 152/2006).
We also have an internal chemical laboratory, where all preventive and routine checks are performed to direct the waste to the correct treatment to be performed.

Hazardous waste mainly comes from cleaning of sewers, road gutters, steel industries, cleaning from metal treatment, cleaning of agro-food industries, cleaning of chemical and petrochemical industries.

A lot of waste treated derives from the decommissioning of plants, that is, from the disassembly, demolition and dismantling of a plant that was active until shortly before. The remediation of polluted sites also produces a lot of hazardous waste to be managed in compliance with the law.
Hazardous waste also comes from abandoned areas, landfills, and areas with accidental spills caused by accidents, that leave substances and products manageable and disposable only through specific plants.

Special waste management with authorization

According to the Consolidated Environmental Law (Legislative Decree no.152 / 2006), special hazardous waste contains substances classified as corrosive, toxic, irritating, carcinogenic, in total concentration or with a high percentage, to be transported according to regulations.
Our disposal plant allows the treatment of any type of waste in full compliance with the health and safety regulations.

Special waste treatment? We got this!