Confined spaces cleaning

Cleaning of tight and dangerous spaces with robots and drones

During the various cleaning phases of industrial sites, plants and areas to be reclaimed, operators often encounter narrow and difficult-to-reach spaces such as cisterns, tunnels, tanks, channels and pipes. Aspireco designs and develops radio-controlled robots and drones equipped with an autonomous mechanism, which is suitable for the suction of the lime solidified in channels and cisterns.
This solution aims to safeguard human safety, making the cleaning and remediation process more efficient where the human figure cannot reach it.

Cleaning confined and cramped spaces are essential in those steel and industrial centres where there is a real risk for humans. Aspireco collaborates with industries in Brescia, Bergamo, Verona and other provinces of Lombardy through technological robots and drones. These can be controlled by sight or using a video camera and are ideal for guaranteeing optimal cleaning and suction, eliminating any residual obstacles during plant maintenance.

Technology serving your company

Drones, robots, vehicles, pumps and customized vacuums

Aspireco staff is updated through periodic courses, some of which are specific for activities that require certifications, such as high-altitude or confined space work.

The training and experience of our team, combined with our advanced and updated fleet and equipment, make Aspireco the ideal partner for the steel and road cleaning sectors.

We manage emergencies by operating under tight deadlines without interrupting daily work activities. We always work in compliance with all health and safety regulations, eliminating the danger of our interventions in industrial plants that must remain switched on and active. For this reason, we cannot simply use the means available on the market, but we adapt them to measure with features and tools that are fundamental for our business and that of our customers.