Plant decomissioning

Disassembly, demolition, dismantling of industrial plants

Aspireco collaborates with industries in Brescia area and throughout Northern Italy for all the activities related to disassembly, dismantling and demolition of late active plants: this activity is called "plant decommissioning".

Dismantling and demolition is needed when industrial plants come to the end of their life cycle and is no more economically beneficial for the company. Therefore, it needs to be dismantled and removed, leaving room for other activities or a new facility.

Plant decomissioning takes place in several steps. First we ensure safety for the place and the workers and we plan how to manage the disposal of solid and liquid waste. Then, we start by dismantling of plant parts and proceed with scrapping and recovering parts such as carpentry, machinery, equipment, and components. Our continuous presence in steel factories, foundries and other highly dangerous industrial environments has made us extremely autonomous and efficient in dealing with safety.

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