Networks purging

Purging of civil and industrial sewer networks

We perform sewage drainage and purging operations for individuals, industries and infrastructures. Our motor vehicles meet every need of cleaning and purging: roads, condominiums, houses, factories, highways, railways. We wash and decontaminate soil and pipes, drain flooded compartments and unblock columns and piping. Slurry is disposed directly in our plant. Part of the collected waste is recovered, purified and recycled.

We participate in Public contracts: we manage the cleaning of sewage networks, wastewater treatment plants, the purging of black wells and the cleaning of sewage plants for multiservice companies in more than 30 municipalities in Brescia and its province.

We work for both maintenance and prevention, in order to avoid flooding, in the event of emergencies due to natural disasters or unforeseen factors. Purging sewers of condominiums and buildings should be carried out periodically to prevent damages to pipes and black wells.