Industrial hydropulse and high pressure water cleansing

We have decided to invest in machinery and technology to make it stand-alone, beginning to carry out high pressure hydro-cleansing operations in chemical and petrochemical industries, steel companies, foundries, palaces, highways, waste-to-energy plants and on ships (hydroblasting).

We do hydrocleaning operations with High pressure water jets, up to 3.000 bar. We dissect and cleanse facades, tanks, industrial plants. We remove paint, residues otherwise impossible to remove: thanks to the power of water, a true power, along with the machines that control it.

Our interventions are quick and well executed: in the case of industrial waste water treatment, it is essential that after cleaning everything is back to place and perfectly functional again. Having our own equipment allows us to do both per-planned hydrocleansing work, and non-planned urgent interventions.

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