Road / highway maintenance services

Motorway rehabilitations, tunnel cleaning, post-accident clearance

Aspireco has been working for many years with road management entities in Northern Italy and with Società Autostrade. Motorway rehabilitation is a growing activity. So far we have worked on several routes in northern Italy. We work in a programmed way or face urgent needs.

Highway cleaning and rehabilitationinterventions require specific vehicles and the compliance with regulations provided in the traffic code: works are carried out in the presence of traffic and this requires extreme attention and strict adherence to road and highway rules. We have specialized vehicles and machinery.

We perform the following types of highway rehabilitation:

  • Drainage networks purging and maintenance of street drains
  • Cleaning of tunnel walls
  • Cleaning of lay-bys and emergency lanes
  • Underbridge cleaning
  • Pipeline cleaning
  • Removal of dangerous water pockets
  • Cleaning walls of garbage that can fall on the road
  • Cleaning drainage channels
  • Cleaning clefts of water channels
  • Cleaning of central reservation
  • Cleaning and rehabilitation after accidents and dispersion of harmful and flammable fuels and liquids.