About us

Industrial cleaning, cleaning of plants, rehabilitations, waste disposal

The company was brought into being in the 60's in Gavardo (Brescia), when the Frapporti brothers decided to start their own business in thesand  andconcrete excavations.

Aspireco was born in 1980, focusing initially on civil and industrial cleaning: this made the Frapporti brothers create important relationships with some of the greatest industrial realities (mainly in Brescia steel industry), and collaborations that have lasted up to now.

Over the last 20 years we continued to operate in the cleaning of road and motorway networks, industrial  and plants cleaning, and not only: we invested a lot in the ecology sector,  the reclamation and waste disposal, upgrading the machinery fleet and the waste treatment plant.

The number of ourvehicles in use is very large: we go from the classic 4x4 gully emptier with a 2m³ capacity to a 18,000 m³ / h (air flow) modern industrial aspirator truck. Many vehicles are built directly by us, using tailor-made custom adaptations according to our customers needs. We have amechanical workshop that deals with periodic maintenance of means and vehicles.

Aspireco is inGavardo (Brescia) and has over40,000 m² headquarters