Waste brokerage

Support, counselling, transportation, certification

Aspireco acts as an intermediary in the entire waste management process so that the manufacturer can process and place waste products in compliance with the regulation in force by using one sole operator.

Waste management calls for more and more articulated regulations to ensure proper disposal and traceability of hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Each type of waste is registered in a particular category and has specific rules for treatment and disposal:the intermediary releases waste producers from all concerns.

 As waste intermediaries we offer:

  • Support for bureaucracy procedures
  • Contacts with specialized partners in different areas
  • Counselling on possible procedures for waste rehabilitation, treatment, disposal and collection
  • Collection and chemical analysis
  • Waste classification assessment (CER code) for its disposal
  • Waste collection and disposal
  • Waste processing (at the owner's plant)
  • Waste transportation with special means (trucks, semi-trailer, garbage trucks...) with the assessment of the type of transportation
  • Check of the availability of waste reception by the contracting plants
  • Certification of the correct disposal procedure.

Waste brokering work requires operational and management experience, but also a network of relationships and conventions over the reference territories.

Waste management