Cleaning of dangerous spaces with robots and drones

During the various cleaning phases of industrial sites, cleaning of plants and areas to be reclaimed often operators encounter narrow and difficult-to-reachcisterns, tunnels, pipelines and such.

To keep the user safe andmake the cleaning and reclamation work more efficient in places where a man can't reach, Aspireco designs and builds own radio-controlled robots and dronesequipped with an autonomous flying system  . The robots are small and are designed to carry out all the activities of suction and cleaning in place of a man, such as the suction of drainage sediments and the aspiration of solidified lime from canals and tanks.

Where there is a risk for man and where feasibility is affected by restricted space, as often is the case in steel poles, Aspireco takes over: robots and drones replace men to ensure afull cleaning and an excellent suction. This way the company staff won't find any residual obstacles during maintenance.

Aspireco robots and drones are radio-guided or camera controlled.

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