Environmental remediation and contaminated site rehabilitation

Environmental remediation and contaminated site rehabilitation

We carry out environmental and industrial remediation, and contaminated site rehabilitation. We remove toxic, chemical, harmful, dangerous, explosive substances due to accidental dispersion, intensive plant use or decommissioning.

We rehabilitate lands, agricultural areas, abandoned areas, abusive and abandoned landfills, industrial plants and sites, tanks, canals, passages. We clean large and small drains from clogs caused by leaves, debris, organic and inorganic waste.

We work on road and highway networks throughout Northern Italy, thanks to our long dated experience and our large fleet in compliance with the traffic code. Interventions are often urgent and require quick means and operators when moving and processing.


Remediation services:


High pressure industrial and high pressure water treatment up to 3000 bar

Safe suction and cleaning in difficult-to-reach areas

Dismantling and demolition of industrial plants

Purging networks and sewers for individuals, industries and infrastructures

Highway rehabilitations, tunnel cleaning, accident clearing

Cleaning dirt and gutters of debris, clogs and waste

Remediation of polluted sites, industrial areas, lands and landfills