Non-hazardous waste processing

Civil and industrial non-hazardous waste disposal

We take care of the disposal of civil and industrial waste: in 1993 we built in our headquarters in Gavardo (Brescia) a waste processing plant that is authorized to dispose both hazardous and non-dangerous waste.

We offer complete waste processing service: collection, transportation, disposal. Our customers need to interact with only one provider: Aspireco.

The waste processing plant distinguishes waste for disposal and waste for recovery. We process liquid wastesand some recyclable solid wastes: resulting products, such as saline solutions, exhausted acids or recycled sands, may be recycled in some cases, thus lowering costs and reducing the wastefulness. There is a special section in our plant, dedicated to sand separation and washing, and subsequent requalification. We rely on partnerships for processing other solid wastes.

The annual authorized production capacity of Aspieco's waste disposal plant amounts to 120,000 t / year. The storage capacity is 1,580 t.

Non-hazardous wastes processed in Aspireco's waste disposal platform include:

  • Waste resulting from the cleaning of sewage networks and street drains
  • Waste resulting from industries that work and process metals
  • Waste resulting from surface processing of metals
  • Waste resulting from iron and steel industry
  • Wastes resulting from the agri-food industry
  • Waste resulting from chemical and petrochemical industry.
Waste management