Innovative technologies

Drones, robots, tools, pumps, customized vacuum cleaners

Drones, robots, tools, pumps, customized vacuum cleaners

Our staff training and experience matches a wide groundbreaking fleet and range of tools.

Our leadership in steel industries and our relationships with highway networks require that we meet strict deadlines and with the least intrusiveness, due to both danger and traffic existing on these environments, and because every pause in the activities bears some costs. That is why we can not be satisfied with the means available on the market, but we customize them with the characteristics and tools that are essential for our business.

Technology customization also applies to drones and robots we use to reach and clean up difficult spaces that would be otherwise difficult to reach by people: we make them specifically for having a practical and efficient partner in our day-to-day work.

Aspireco staff is subject to continuous periodic training, some of which are reated to specific activities, for example, in altitude works or confined environments.


Innovative technology services:


High pressure industrial and high pressure water treatment up to 3000 bar

Safe suction and cleaning in difficult-to-reach areas

Dismantling and demolition of industrial plants

Cleaning of industrial plants so as to ensure facility efficiency

Cleaning dirt and gutters of debris, clogs and waste