Industrial site cleaning

Cleaning of industrial plants and dust reduction

Industrial plant cleaning is one of the first activities for which Aspireco was born and has developed. In the '80s we started to approach large steel centres of Northern Italy, using our first vehicles and establishing collaborations that are still in force.

We work on periodic cleaning schedules which facilitate subsequent maintenance phases performed by the company itself. The cleaning cycle of industrial plants and sites is essential to ensure facilities' efficiencyand it is a thorny activity: it takes place in hazardous environments and is carried out in plants subject to heavy and continuous productivity. Our strength lies in having extended machinery and specialized staff that can rapidly perform the work: pausing a plant bears some costs. The more rapid the intervention, the more the company reduces the costs of the plant shutdown.

We carry out plant cleaning and dust reduction even in the energy and environmental field. We perform programmed interventions of cleaning and dust suction for maintenance work on biomass boilers, district heating and  waste-to-energy systems.

We do not just clean, but we also help the customer to design systems and procedures that can provide solutions for production and environmental issues.

The fields in which we work:

  • Industrial: suction of dusts and materials from production systems, suction cleaning of water treatment systems, suction of dust reduction systems, dust suction and transfer, dust removal from machinery (e.g., travelling cranes and melting furnaces), wash and high pressure hydrodemolition of materials from tanks and systems.
  • Steel industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Ceramics
  • Environment / energy
  • Chemical / petrochemical industry
  • Public companies
  • Roads and highways
  • Waste-to-energy plants, biomass boilers.
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