Hazardous waste processing

Civil and industrial hazardous waste disposal

According to the Consolidated Environmental Law (Legislative Decree no. 152/2006) some special wastes can be classified as "hazardous waste". They include:

  • Waste containing one or more substances classified as toxic / very toxic;
  • Waste containing one or more substances classified as harmful;
  • Waste containing one or more corrosive substances;
  • Waste containing one or more irritating substances;
  • Waste containing a carcinogenic substance;
  • Waste containing a substance that can be toxic for the production cycle;
  • Waste containing mutagenic substance.

In Aspireco we have a processing and disposal system for hazardous and non-hazardous waste. We take care of collection, transport and disposal, providing the customer with a complete service requiring a single operator.

Our fleet includes transportation means for wastes to be disposed of. Special waste result mainly from the cleaning of sewerage networks and street drains, iron and steel industries, metal treatment, agri-food, chemical and petrochemical industries.

We also have a chemical laboratory, where all prior and routine checks are carried out so that waste are destined to the correct processing procedures. 

Waste management