Drainage cleaning and restoration

Cleaning clogs of ditches, canals, gutters

We clean, restore and purge ditches, underpasses, drainage channels, intubated channels, gutters, wells of clogs and fillings. We remove any kind of clogging: leaves, debris, stones, waste, organic waste.

We perform clogs cleaning and restoration works for:

  • Private housing: Houses, buildings, condominiums
  • Contracts that are currently activated in about 30 Municipalities in the province of Brescia
  • Large drainage artifacts, made below important infrastructure such as roads, highways, railways, urban centers.

We carry out inspections in order to check damages and decide which vehicle and what technology is best suited for each specific situation. In some cases the problem can be solved with a high pressure hydro-cleaning intervention, whereas in more complex and wider situations we use special machines and pumps.

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